About us....

Cholo Custom Cycles was established in 2018 and started out as a Facebook Group. In a very short time our group membership exploded and we decided to expand our on-line presence by creating our very own motorcycle social media platform.

We expanded this concept to include a free Motorcycle Classifieds and Calendar Events submission to advertise your bike nights or other events you are having in your area.

At Cholo Custom Cycles we will not spy on our users or track their shopping habits to bombard you with ad’s like Facebook does.

At Cholo Custom Cycles we are crazy about the Cholo ~ Vicla bike style that originated out of SoCal, with apes, beach bars does not matter to us, there is no sound like a Fishtail sound!

Please take the time to browse our On-Line store and help support the various craftsmen and artists that hand make the majority of the products we carry.

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Wanna Join our Crew?

Cholo Custom Cycles is always looking for folks to join our team. In most cases you would start out as a members and work up to moderator and editor.

You will need to have computer skills to include experience with WordPress  platforms. At Cholo Custom Cycles we do not care what color your skin is or what religion you are part of. We all bleed motor oil.